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Review of the theatre "Move to Junk"

The theatre play “Move to Junk” was performed by a theatre group called “White Horse Theatre”. This group consisted pf tree people instead of four because one of them had a personal emergency and needed to head back to the UK. The names of those three people were Matthew, Shane and Amy.


The play started with three people (Donny, Kylie and Stuart). All of them have been classmates and Donny and Stuart have been friend since primary school.

As it turns out, Stuart always receives E-Mails with sexual content I them, and he always moves those E-Mails to junk, that’s where the title comes from.

Kylie is a very annoying classmate and is in love with Stuart and always harasses him. Then he is invited to a party which is hosted by Donny.

Even at the party he gets annoyed by Kylie and he tells her that he does not want a relationship. Kylie than starts crying and soon after that the party ends.

On the next day a new student talks to Donny and Stuart and asks them where the classroom of the class 9C is. Donny replies that they are Class 9c and ask her who she is. Amanda then introduces herself and says she is a new student and has previously moved to this part of the country. Donny and Stuart are not noticing something special except her odd dialect.

She talks to Donny and says she also wants to play some football, but Donny just laughs at her and answers that it is quite odd for a girl to play football.

On the next day Stuart receives one of those spam mails again. But he moves everything to junk except for one E-Mail. He takes a closer look at the E-Mail and it contains a picture Amanda being naked, but he sees that the picture only has been photoshopped.

At the school many people make fun of Amanda and tease her with thing like, “Oh you also want some free sex?”.

Stuart says that it is unfair that Donny and Kylie are behaving like this and that it is a very immature behaviour.

Amanda tells Stuart she also receives calls from some strange men and after many calls she asks one man where he has gotten her number from, he answers he has gotten this number from a forum. Now Amanda is very desperate, because all the faked photos of her spread throughout the whole internet.

On the next day she received a message whilst Stuart is talking to her. He instructed her no to look at the message. She does not listen to Stuart and looks a ´t the message.

It says, we don’t want you in our class, go drown yourself.

It makes her very sad and even more desperate, she asks Stuart for a hug and unexpectedly starts to kiss him. Both are shocked and embarrassed. Stuart then again says, I just want to be friend with you.

The next day Stuart organizes a class meeting and finally the day after the class meeting Kylie finally speaks up and confesses that she is partly guilty. Then after a few minutes Donny also says he was guilty and as a reason for this action he said, because I can. He does not understand the serious trouble that such an action could cause. Stuart immediately called Amanda and asks her if she is fine, she answers with yes and he asks if he could visit her, she again answers with yes.

After that he visits her and knocks on the door a few times, but his attempts are a vain, it was already too late…


I think this play is very realistic and well-structured and shows which consequences bullying, especially cyberbullying, can have and I think it is good in one way that this play does not have a happy ending.

I am also impressed how well the actors and actress played this play even though one member couldn’t take part in it. I am happy that we had the chance to watch this performance and I would recommend it to any other school immediately. 





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